Nutracid is our latest product designed to compliment and amplify specific therapeutic properties of chlorella. A number of people who have been using our CyChroMax P-450 product for advanced detoxification and liver cleansing commented that their existing symptoms of gout were rapidly resolved when they had taken the product for a number of weeks.

As gout is a chronic condition for which there are no truly safe OR effective pharmaceutical solutions, we decided to re-launch our CyChroMax formula under the Nutracid name to create a product specifically for the 2 million+ Americans that suffer from this excrutiatingly painful condition.

Caused by excessive production and build-up of uric acid which settles and crystalizes into fine, needle-sharp deposits in the joints, gout can be triggered by eating foods that have a high purine content.

Foods that can cause problems for gout sufferers include red meats, saltwater fish (such as anchovies, herring, mackerel, sardines and some shellfish), chicken, turkey, liver and other organ meats, dried beans and peas, plus any foods that contain significant amounts of simple sugars (sucrose and fructose). Alcoholic drinks, particularly beer, can also trigger attacks of gout.

It would appear (and it makes perfect sense) that through CyChromax's ability to improve liver and kidney function, the clearance of uric acid is also greatly improved.  Chlorella contains potent bioflavonoids, which also inhibit the excessive production of the enzyme xanthine oxidase, which is a key component in the biochemical synthesis of uric acid.

"After being diagnosed with gout and prescribed medication that warned of liver damage as a possible side-effect, I began looking for a safer alternative.  I was introduced to Nature's Balance Nutracid, and since taking this my episodes of gout have been kept in check, plus I know that it's being helpful, rather than harmful to my liver."
Eddie Lloyd, Archdale, NC

"I began taking Nutracid about 6 months ago, during one of my then-frequent outbreaks of gout. Since I've used Nutracid on a daily basis, I've had no recurrences whatsoever.  It's a great product!"
Larry Hackney, West Palm Beach, FL

"I'm currently starting on my third bottle of Nutracid, and I'm convinced of its natural healing ability.  Being a chronic gout sufferer, I've noticed a major decrease in outbreaks and the pain is nowhere near as severe as before. Also I no longer have the upset stomach that always accompanied the prescription medications.  I'm sold!"
 Edwin Perry, Hickory, NC

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