Safe And Effective Alternative To Prescription Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

On behalf of Nature's Balance, Inc., Victor Marcial-Vega, MD is conducting an ongoing open-label study to determine the cholesterol-lowering effects of daily supplementation with Nature's Balance Professional Grade Chlorella.  When fully-enrolled, this study will examine this effect in 50 patients, selected as having clinically-significant hypercholesterolemia, and who have not previously taken any medications for cholesterol reduction.

Prior to enrollment in the study, blood lipid analyses are performed to confirm the existence of hypercholesterolemia and to determine each patient's baseline lipid profile. Each patient's initial follow-up analysis is performed after the first 30 days of supplementation.

All patients enrolled in the study are instructed to take five 335 mg capsules, twice daily.

Interim results:

Among the first ten patients enrolled, eight (80.0%) experienced reductions in cholesterol of between 50 to 100 points (average 65 points) over the initial 30 days of supplementation. Of the two that showed no response, one patient was taking heavy medications for other conditions and the other was experiencing a period of severe mental stress due to family sickness and bereavement.

Of interest, a significant drop in blood pressure was recorded among patients identified as hypertensive.  Five of the initial ten patients (50%) were identified as clinically-hypertensive.  Following their initial 30-day re-evaluation, two of the five were able to cease taking prescribed anti-hypertensive medications altogether, while the remaining three were able to significantly reduce their dosage.

To quote Dr. Marcial-Vega "I'm excited about these initial results.  Nature's Balance Professional Grade Chlorella is not simply an alternative to the statin class of drugs for cholesterol reduction, it's a far, far superior replacement."

To clarify this comment, Dr. Marcial-Vega explains "Not every patient will respond to a statin drug, and for those that do, the cholesterol-lowering effect takes longer to materialize and is less pronounced compared to the results we are seeing from the Nature's Balance product. The added bonus is that these results are now possible with a product that has no adverse side-effects"

In conclusion, Dr. Marcial-Vega states "When a natural alternative such as this is available, it just doesn't make any sense to expose a patient to the well-known risks associated with statin drugs."

Victor Marcial-Vega, MD is a board-certified radiation oncologist who now provides a broad range of integrative medical therapies from his private clinics in Miami, FL and San Juan, PR.

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