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We formed Nature’s Balance in 1992 to manufacture, distribute and promote health products which contain chlorella; a green freshwater microalga that is regarded by knowledgeable nutritional professionals as the world’s most dense source of dietary-essential nutrients.

In addition to its outstanding nutritional profile, chlorella has a long history of scientifically-confirmed therapeutic benefits; most of which can be attributed to some of its unique structural and phytochemical properties.

These health benefits range from its ability to detoxify your body of stored heavy metals; mercury, cadmium, lead etc., and chemical pollutants such as pesticides, PCBs and dioxins, - through safe LDL cholesterol and triglyceride reduction, and blood glucose regulation - to its capacity to slow down, and even reverse the dangerous decline in immune cell counts for those taking chemotherapy.  The list of known health benefits is a long one.


Visit our chlorella product page to learn more about this vitally important health-building resource.

Discover just why we believe that chlorella is the single most-potent and important, natural antidote to the toxic world in which we live today, and why we recommend that this phenomenal life-sustaining and health building powerhouse should be the ‘foundation’ dietary supplement for every health-conscious individual on the planet. 

During the twenty one years we’ve been in business, we’ve expanded our range of products to bring some additional health-enhancing and problem-resolving items to our growing and loyal customer base.

1CyChroMax 1Cilantro2oz
1NaturGel BetaGlucan500x1TN 1SynoFlex 1RedOil 1PetSpan
1ColdTime 1SorAlev

Before each new product introduction, we review all of the scientific literature we can access to determine the potential value of each ingredient we use, we discuss our proposed formulations with a group of health professionals and we then perform pre-launch testing to gather objective and subjective feedback about each product's performance. If any tested product doesn’t live up to expectations at this stage, it will never wear a Nature’s Balance label.

Since we shipped our very first products, the highest possible levels of purity, potency and efficacy have become the hallmarks of the Nature's Balance product line, and are the key reason Nature’s Balance is 'brand of choice' for thousands of health professionals and their patients, plus a growing number of health conscious individuals and their families around the USA, Canada and Europe.

The science behind our products is constantly updated as new research is published, so please bookmark this page and check back here from time to time for the latest information!

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